Staged progress made in the commissioning of the first GW-level heterojunction production line


It has been two weeks since the JG SOLAR210 heterojunction cell production line was put into operation on March 12. With the joint efforts of the JG and Maiwei technical teams, the first round of optimization of the basic parameters of the amorphous process has been completed. The highest conversion efficiency of the product JG SOLAR210 heterojunction cell has achieved 24.28%, basically reaching the initial target of 24.3%, ensuring that the first batch of customer orders scheduled in April can be delivered on schedule. Front equipment of battery workshop

JG SOLAR's first GW-level heterojunction cell production line is an automated production line with a new concept, which integrates various cutting-edge heterojunction process technologies such as chain annealing and gettering, front half-cell process, and intelligent manufacturing. With the tacit cooperation of the technical teams of the two companies, through the optimization and improvement of the process equipment, the efficiency and the yield rate have been gradually improved, and the chip-level tracking of the production line has been realized for the first time. It is worth mentioning that this production line uses the HJT3.0 equipment independently developed by Maiwei. And it supports continuous coating, which can effectively improve the conversion efficiency. In addition, JG SOLAR is also exploring various production technology modes such as low silver consumption, base metal substitution, and wafer thinning, so as to effectively reduce the production and operation cost of heterojunction cells.

The JG SOLAR heterojunction cell project is the first GW-level 210-heterojunction half-cell production line and the first single-line 600MW large-capacity heterojunction production line in China and even in the world. In the future, the JG SOLAR heterojunction cell project will continue to optimize the production process, improve the process technology, match the most cost-effective microcrystalline conditions, and quickly achieve the next stage target conversion efficiency of 24.5% and subsequent microcrystalline goals.
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