STEBO project won famous Belgian Energy Award 2013

Designed by the architects of Buro B ( and a BIPV roof developed by GOLDEN GLASS, STEBO has just been awarded by the Royal Federation of Architects Associations of Belgium (FAB) as winner of the 2-yearly Belgian Energy Award 2013. The jury has chosen this unique project out of 66 participants in the contest, for its excellence in optimizing the building energy efficiency and aesthetically pleasing design.
The development’s green efforts in insulation & facility techniques are further supported by perfect oriented, high performance 302Pcs of glass-glass silicon solar modules which help to absorb/reflect heat and maintain a high level of thermal comfort and electricity throughout the day. In addition, energy and water efficient fittings and other kinds of certified green label building materials all contribute to STEBO’s commitment to be one of Belgium’s greenest non-residential buildings.
The jury spoke in eulogy of "optimal coherence between the needs of the building” on one hand and the nice use of a “building integrated PV–system” on the other. It is an excellent example of thought and energy efficient design.

Over 1 year, the energy monitoring shows a very positive energy consumption result. This means that the building doesn’t USE energy at all, but PRODUCE energy!

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