Good luck of beginning!Working together to tackle the epidemic


We had a tough Spring Festival holiday because of the sudden epidemic. Golden glass Shantou base and Wujiang base started on February 10th and12th, respectively. We bravely set off with dreams and hopes, welcoming the first day of construction with a new look!

Good luck of beginning!

Fighting the epidemic and ensuring development

A team with excellent modern management, fighting ability and courage.
In the face of the epidemic situation, Golden Glass quickly resumed work to
achieve orderly and steady progress towards normal development.

In order to ensure that the epidemic prevention work is infallible, all
prevention and control measures are implemented. The company's
management team attaches great importance with scientific coordination,
and quickly formed a Golden Glass prevention group and leading with
general manager Yan Chunlai as the core during the holidays. In accordance
with the spirit of government’s epidemic prevention instructions at all levels,
we will fully implement all work, and check at all levels to ensure the health of
the company's employees and their families, and win the battle against
epidemic prevention and control!

Fighting the epidemic and overcome difficulties together 

In the face of the epidemic, the company is committed to every employee,
and fully protects the material needs of the employees in the epidemic area.
We will fight against the epidemic with a stronger determination and a
stronger responsibility!

We go hand in hand with each other in difficulties.Unity is strength and we'll
cut the spine and move forward.We firmly believe that we can win this

Stay strong, Wuhan!
Keep going, China!

Here, I would like to pay tribute to every worker fighting in the front line and
wish every patient a speedy recovery! In the new year, we are all dreamers.
Come on! We on the way of struggle!

2020 has set sail, and we hope you will continue to walk with us to
welcome a more colorful and wonderful year together!

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